This Basaveshwara statue project is to commemorate the millennium of Basaveshwara, who was a 12th century Indian philosopher, social reformer, statesman and a Kannada poet. It’s sad but true thousand years after his demise Indian society is plagued with caste and religious discrimination. Its time to realise that there is no place for caste or religious discrimination in the modern world and discover the true Basaveshwara within ourselves.

We want to explicitly make it very clear that the sole aim of erecting this statue is to simply let the outside world know who Basaveshwara was? and how he pioneered the idea of democracy in India. This statue is not emblematic of any caste, religion or a country.

The Lambeth Basaveshwara Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation looking after maintaining the Basaveshwara statue & the landscape on the bank of River Thames. The organisation will be hosting unveiling of the Basaveshwara statue in London in partnership with other organisations.

Approved Site on the bank of river Thames for the Statue of Basaveshwara