Know Basaveshwara

Basaveshwara was a 12th century Indian philosopher and a social reformer who pioneered the idea of democracy in the east even before anyone in the western world would have thought about it. He fought for core British values of freedom of speech, respect and tolerance. Thus Basaveshwara shares a conceptual relationship with Britain, the mother of all democracies.

He formed a model Parliament in the 12th century called “Anubhava Mantapa” which was a platform to debate and to share experiences before coming to conclusions. He recruited members of all caste and creed into his Parliament and surprisingly this Parliament had equal proportion of men and women. He was always in favour of gender equality and fought vigorously against the caste discrimination and slavery in the Indian society.

Basaveshwara is much admired by the Asian community of Britain, the current Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi proclaimed Basaveshwara as the jewel of India who was clearly ahead of his times.

The Painting portray Anubhava Mantapa - an academy worked to build a Vibrant casteless, creedless Society with full of Human Values propagated through Vachanas